Return to Sector 9

Return to Sector 9 is the long awaited sequel to Ambush in Sector 9. Featuring 9 game modes, 15 ships to pilot, plenty of weaponry, and plenty of aliens to use it on. This is arcade action at its best!


Windows PC:

NOTE: The PC games on this site are quite old. I can't guarantee they'll work. The online scoreboards certainly won't work any more

Test your skills to the max. Each of the 15 ships has its own special weapon. Once you have unlocked the ships and their weapons (and maybe a few alternative paint jobs), learn which game modes they're best suited to. Submit your scores to the online high score charts to see how you compare with the rest of the world!

A variety of missions - whether it be collecting gold, protecting windmills(!), rescuing or eating spacemen, or just trying to survive, there's plenty to do in Sector 9!