The Importance of NetEnt's Casino Games

The most important thing when you want to do business properly is to be ahead of everyone. Thanks to that principle, the Swedish casino games company NetEnt has been ahead of everyone for almost a decade. It grew to be one of the most innovative and biggest game developers in the world, while the casinos using NetEnt's games like have grown to be the most attractive casinos around.

NetEnt's award-winning casino solutions have opened the doors to new opportunities to both players and casino operators. It put everybody at the forefront of digital casino gaming with world-class casino games like Guns n' Roses, Dracula, Attract or other unique titles.

Gaming Revolution

For a long period the market was dominated by two companies, Microgaming and Playtech, with NetEnt fighting for its place at the top. But, several years ago, Playtech began to drop out of the race by focusing its resources on other ventures leaving the company with aged games that were simply not attractive anymore.

Naturally, Microgaming continued to dominate the market. But, NetEnt quickly grabbed to opportunity to take Playtech's place, and it did with no mercy for the rest of the competition, and especially for Microgaming. It revolutionized the scene by inspiring other small companies to start doing something remarkable with their games.

Why are NetEnt's Games Important?

They are important because they introduced a whole new wave of creativity, innovativeness, and ways to have fun. Since that new wave started, NetEnt has reaped all casino game awards that it could possibly reap.

Games like Gonzo's Quest may have been seen before, but never in such great detail and fun gameplay. This game bravely has abandoned all conventions about how a slot game should be. Instead of reels, it adopted columns with falling symbols, which if fall in a winning line, they explode and new ones fall into their place, which is counted as a free spin up to a maximum of 5 free spins and x5 multiplier.

Starburst is another example of mixing old school design with modern concepts. So simple game, yet so rewarding with insane multipliers. And the list goes on and on. The most important is that with each passing month the diligent programmers at NetEnt manage to come up with something new and even better.

Can you play them for free?

The games developed by NetEnt that can be found at dozens of top-notch online casinos can be played for free either at the official NetEnt website, or at online casinos. You may not know, but the majority online casinos let players play the games for free too for the purpose of practice or for the purpose of testing the new titles.

That is always a great opportunity to find out which is your personal favorite in terms of gameplay, sounds, and graphics and of course, payouts. Trying games for free is the best tactic when you don't want to spend money for the purpose of testing out games.