As trends go, it has been one of the fastest growing. Should you be one of the few remaining people in the UK to not have sampled the delights of online bingo, but if you are somebody who gets excited about entering competitions on TV shows where you can text or call in to win fantastic prizes, you are missing a trick. As you shall see, the promotions available on Paypal bingo sites provide a great a chance of winning some of these kinds of exclusive prizes. I'm happy to recommend this site where you get to play free bingo with no deposit required.

If playing for the first time, players need to register with a provider. Fear not, this does not mean that you have to start dishing out the wads of cash immediately, many sites offer the opportunity to play for free before wagering real money. Once comfortable with their ability, players can get involved and begin the real fun.

But where to start? Just browsing for a few minutes will tell you that the promotions run until the setting of the sun. Naturally, the immediate hits are those offering bonuses to new players - players already registered with a site are far less likely to look elsewhere as they have already done their research and found a site that they like, whether it be for the game-play, huge range of bingo games, chat, features or, as is more likely, the promotions. Once in and enjoying, sites offer all sorts of bonus games and initiatives to keep players clicking, and with so many providers out there each one is trying to usurp the next, having only a beneficial effect for the player.

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