Take the fight to the alien world, where you never know what to expect
Battle enemies intent on sending you back home. Armed to the teeth, they're no mugs
Use the enemies' own ships against them and take them on from the air

Destructivator 2, the sequel to the 2008 Pug Fugly Games arcade shooter, is OUT NOW! One more you can to step into the role of the Destructivator. This time, instead of defending Earth, you must go to the home planet of the evil *checks notes* Zallagor to ensure we will never be attacked again!

Infiltrate dangerous enemy strongholds
Fight a diverse range of enemy types
Watch out for reinforcements

With 54 levels across 6 levels packed full of enemies, this game will provide a challenge for any gamer. Easy, Normal & Brutal skill levels are available

Face off against dangerous bosses
Evade devious traps
54 level spread over 6 environments